Grace Hudlow Odell


Grace Hudlow  Odell has studied and reminisced for 12 years to be able to tell her mother’s story of a talented and creative musical life.  Working with editors of best selling works, teachers and working writers, all helpfully shaping her writing skills on this her first novel.  Who else but a daughter who spent 60 years of her life with the subject and occasionally, her blind friends in their homes, work places, or our own home is able to tell her intriguing story?

About "What Color is a Butterfly?"

Over-compensating for the lack of sight, this child learned to cook, thread her own needle, sew, cook, play the piano and the pipe organ professionally (anything with a melody), light a gas stove with a match, set and start a coal stove, crochet, knit and tat, and raise a family.  She smelled her way through the spices for a good cake and made muffins and bread as tasty as the baker at your favorite bakery.  She didn’t see with her eyes but with her fingers, her ears, nose and if all else failed, her taste buds.  This wonderful story will make everyone appreciate more fully their own gifts and ablities.

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