Garner Scott Odell


Even though I have advanced degrees in theology and psychology, my interest and research in the stories behind historical events has kept me reading and writing. I am the first child of an English born clergyman proud of his British heritage and a Pennsylvania farm girl who became a gifted writer.  From my earliest years the love of history and of writing has been part of my genes. My first published work appeared in the local high school newspaper when I was but a wee lad in grade school.

During my lifetime I have been a seaman, clergyman, psychotherapist, lecturer, teacher, builder of houses, professor, Chaplain on cruise ships, and now a writer. Time and time again the love of history has drawn me back into libraries to do research and to my desk to write about the fascinating stories uncovered.

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Garner's new writing adventure is a thriller series surrounding various fabulous gemstones.  The first book about a 98 carat Emerald and the second about finding Diamonds in Montana are being edited at the moment.  The third in the series will take place in Myanmar with Sapphires. Watch for their publication dates.

About "Sir David"

     Sir David Mathew, a historical 15th century member of author Odell's researched family tree, proves larger than life, not only by his physical size but by his strength of character and endurance throughout personal and family crises as well as on the field of battle during the period of the Wars of the Roses. Fighting for his Wales homeland, His journey carries him across the clearly depicted countryside of England, into the camps of foot soldiers who wear armor in hand combat, into the private counsels of generals who control the fate and direction of political rule of the British Empire and eventually into the hovel of a barmaid who later produces him a son.
     Torn by issues of fidelity and responsibility, Sir David's dilemmas are as poignant now in contemporary times as in the 1460's, at the hands of Odell's sensitive portrayal of personal conflict, religious belief, tragedy, courage, friendship, parenthood, grief, transformation and resolution.

Reviews of "Sir David"

“We have both read your opus and were most impressed with your artful weaving of suspense throughout the book. It is a fascinating depiction of life in the 1400's resulting from your obvious in-depth research. You tell an absorbing story combined with a valuable history lesson.” --- A reader.

"I intended to finish my Ben Franklin biography before I started reading Sir David, but I though I would read just a chapter and then I couldn't resist. I enjoyed it very much and admire the storytelling and completeness of the characters." --- A reader.